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tripmatcher® is a social travel network for travellers looking for compatible companions for their trips. It was created by a team that has a passion for travel and people. We believe that travelling is one of the greatest and most fulfilling experiences and we invite you to share this passion with likeminded travel buddies.

tripmatcher is unique as it caters distinctively to those travellers who want to socialize and network with likeminded people. On this site you will find travellers who share common interests and with whom you can plan trips and activities. 

Create your own profile and search for travellers who are interested in or have made plans to travel to a certain destination. Our Matcher ensures best fit in terms of destination, timing and profile of companions and allows you to make travel arrangements based on your personal requirements. Or you can simply search and spontaneously get in touch with travellers who are located nearby.

All services available on tripmatcher are free. We do not charge for usage of the site and/or the apps. tripmatcher will not ask for any fees related to this service.

Are you planning to embark on your next adventure? Looking for companions to share the experience? Meet fellow travellers and find travel buddies on tripmatcher!





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